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2/17/2021 07:58:00 AM

Teacher Vacancies for Religious Subjects : (National and Provincial Schools)

Education ministry has released the list of  vacancies available for religious subjects in National and Provincial Schools. There are no vacancies for Buddhism in national schools. No vacancies for Hinduism and Christianity for Provincial Schools.

The list is given Below

National Schools

Provincial Schools

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2/16/2021 12:36:00 PM

W & OP Re Registration

This system to be used only for re registration of W & OP.

Firstly, Check Your W & OP No via Below Link

W & OP Online

If you can get your W & OP Card here, you DO NOT NEED to Re Register.

If You can not get via online (but you have the W & OP Card or number with you) you need to RE REGISTER. Click Below link and RE register

If you do not have the W & OP Number, contacting the officer in charge of the personal files in your institution

Click Below for Details
In Sinhala
In Tamil

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