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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Changing Appointment Subject as Mathematics

Changing Subject as Mathematics Teacher

Are you teaching maths without maths appointment?
have you got 5 yrs of experience in teaching mathemetics?
please read below article

Education ministry is going to be launched a  training program via National Institute of Education for the teachers who teach mathematics in school with the appointment of other subject.

After the successful of completion, they will consider as a mathematics teacher during the transfer procedure.
They can work as marking examiners for mathematics too.
  • Teachers with 5 years of experience in teaching mathematics can apply.
  • Special education teachers CAN NOT apply for this.

for further details
Sinhala     Download
Tamil       Downlaod

Forward your application through Provincial Director to the 
Mathematics branch, 
Ministry of Education, 

Closing Date February 15

Sent a copy to 
P.Vijaikumar (Asst Lecturer), 
Department of Mathematics, 
National Institute of Education,