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August 31, 2021

CHANNEL NIE YouTube Education Videos for students

National Institute of Education has launched three separate YouTube channels for streaming Education Videos for students. These videos are telecasted via gurugedara TV Programme. Students can watch these videos via Yout Tube. Better to use YouTube special packages to watch these videos

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August 29, 2021

How to Check Your Name on Electoral Register 2021

Election commission has requested the general public to check their names on Electoral Register 2021. If their name has not included, submit a 2021/ER form to Girama Niladhari before 2021 September 07

Closing Date September 07, 2021

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Click Below to Check Your Name on 2021 Electoral Register via online

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August 26, 2021

New Members for Sri Lanka Education Task Force (24 August 2021)

8 New members replaced for Task Force for the Sri Lankan education Affairs by President.

N.H.M. Chithrananda, Prof. U.B. Dissanayake, Prof. S.A. Ariadurai, Prof. M.M. Najim, Prof. Athula Gunapala, Dr. J.L. Ratnasekera, Prof. W.M. Abeyrathne were replaced by below new members

  1. Ms. Deepa Liyanage Secretary, State Ministry of Skills Development, Vocational Education, Research and Innovation 
  2. Prof. M.D. Lamawansa Esquire Vice Chancellor, University of Peradeniya
  3. Prof. P.M.C. Thilakarathne Esquire Vice Chancellor, Open University of Sri Lanka 
  4. Prof. A. Rameez Esquire Vice Chancellor, University of South Eastern 
  5. Prof. R.M.U.S.K. Rathnayake Esquire Vice Chancellor, University of Sabaragamuwa 
  6. Dr. J.L. Ratnasekera Esquire Vice Chancellor, University of Uva Wellassa 
  7. Senior Prof. R.P. Mahaliyanaarachchi Esquire Vice Chancellor, University of Visual & Performing Arts 
  8. Mr. Oshada Senanayake Chairman, Information and Communication Technology Agency
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August 26, 2021

Drafted National Environment Policy 2021

Ministry of Environment seeking public comments on the National Environment Policy drafted in 2021.

Comments and suggestions should be forwarded on or before 18.09.2021

Postal Address
Policy Planning and Monitoring Division
Ministry of Environment
4th Floor
“Sobadam Piyasa”
Robert Gunawardena Mawatha

Click Below for Draft National Environment Policy 2021


August 24, 2021

Admission of Students with foreign qualifications to Sri Lankan Universities

Applications are invited from students who have foreign Qualifications equals to GCE A/L Exam for the admission to Sri Lankan Universities

Candidates with results at a foreign examination held outside Sri Lanka, deemed equivalent to G.C.E. (Advanced Level) Examination of Sri Lanka are eligible to apply for admission to Universities in Sri Lanka.

Closing Date 24 September 2021

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August 24, 2021

Moratuwa University Aptitude Test Results 2021

Results of the Aptitude Test for the University Entrance of the academic Year 2020/2021 from Moratuwa university  has been released. Pass List released with index number for each course.

Click Below for the Pass List
Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Design
Bachelor Fashion Design & Product Development
BSc in Information Technology & Management


August 23, 2021

Masters Degrees Subjects (NIE)

National Institute of Education Provides Professional Courses for officers who works in educational filed. Here we have listed the syllabus of below 3 postgraduate Programms

  1. Master of Education
  2. Master of Science in Educational Leadership and Management
  3. Master of Education Management
Master of Education Degree - NIE 
60 Credits from Below Subjects (2012 Syllabus)

Master of Science in Educational Leadership and Management - NIE
250 Credits from Below Subjects (2014 Syllabus)

Master of Education Management - NIE
30 Credits from Below Subjects (2021 Syllabus)

August 23, 2021

Competitions for Students and Public

in order to celebrate career guidance week from October 04 to October 10, the department of Manpower and employment has organized competitions for school students and general public.

Online Application Available from 23 August 2021 to 12 September 2021.

Competition details will be send via email.

Grade 9,10 and 11 Students can participate for School competitions and over 18 years can participate for open essay competitions.

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Certificates for all Participants

District Level 
1st 5000
2nd 3000
3rd 2000

National Level
1st 25 000
2nd 15 000
3rd 10 000
(3000 Each prizes for 10 candidates)


August 22, 2021

Postgraduate Programs -PGIHS

Applications are invited for Postgraduate prgrams from PGIHS - University of Peradniaya.

Postgraduate Diploma Courses
Postgraduate Diploma in Archaeology
Postgraduate Diploma in Political Science
Postgraduate Diploma in Geography
Postgraduate Diploma in Sociology
Postgraduate Diploma in Sinhala
Postgraduate Diploma in English
Postgraduate Diploma in Tamil
Postgraduate Diploma in Economics
Postgraduate Diploma in Philosophy
Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology
Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in Sanskrit
Postgraduate Diploma in Pali
Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art
Postgraduate Diploma in Greek & Roman Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Studies

Masters Degree programmes
Master of Arts in Archaeology
Master of Arts in Political Science
Master of Arts in History
Master of Arts in Geography
Master of Arts in Sociology
Master of Arts in Sinhala
Master of Arts in English
Master of Arts in Tamil
Master of Arts in Economics
Master of Arts in Philosophy
Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies
Master of Arts in Sanskrit
Master of Arts in Pali
Master of Arts in Fine Art
Master of Greek & Roman Studies
Master of Islamic Studies
Master of Arts in Applied Economics
Master of International Relations
Master of Human Rights and Multiculturalism
Master of Environmental Management
Master of Science in Sustainable Tourism
Master of Sustainable Tourism

MPhil / PhD

Closing Date 24 September 2021

Click Below for Application and Details
Applications and Details

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Online Applications

Applications  PDF


August 21, 2021

Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Development Programme - University of Peradeniya

Applications are called for Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Development Programme from University of Peradeniya.

Course : Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Development
Medium : English / Sinhala
Requirements : Passed A/L or Acceptable Qualification
Duration : One Year

Closing Date 22 September 2021

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August 21, 2021

LEARN, TEACH SINHALA | TAMIL | ENGLISH (26 PDF Books for Public officers)


August 20, 2021

Jaya Nena Competition 07

Channel NIE you tube channel has initiated a competition named Jaya Nena for school students. Students can participate and can win Laptop, Smart Phone, School bags etc.

Jaya Nena Competition 7 

Closing Date - 27 August 2021

There are three categories. 
Primary | Grade 6 - 11 | GCE A/L

  • Student from a school
  • The competitor can only participate in one round in a division on one occasion.
  • Use one of the below method. if use more than one option you will be disqualified. ( WhatsApp, google form. )
Competition conduct by NIE, Education Ministry, SLBC, Channel Eye, Nethra

Question and answering methods are given on the video. 
Sinhala Medium Students Click Below

Tamil Medium Students Click Below


August 19, 2021

BEd | MEd Degree Programme - NIE

National Institute of Education has called application for Below 2 degree programmes

Bachelor of Education (Education Management)
Master of Education (Education Management)

BEd - Education Management
Duration 3 Years
Medium Sinhala Tamil
Fee 150 000

5 Years Teaching Experience or Diploma in School Management

Closing Date 10 September 2021

MEd (Education Management)
Duration 2 Years
Medium Sinhala Tamil
Fee 150 000


Closing Date 10 September 2021

Click Below for More Details and Online Application
MED Sinhala
MEd Tamil

August 19, 2021

Register with SLIATE : Limited Vacancies Available

Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE) says that there are limited vacancies available in different ATis for Different Porgrams.

Students who have applied for Courses and did not get the opportunity register can apply for this.

Please contact relevant officer in the relevant institutions and submit your consent to follow the courses

Closing Date 26 August 2021

Click Below for Details

Contact Details

Advanced Technological Institute – Kegalle
0715447676, 0766949546

Advanced Technological Institute – Tangalle
0716790886, 0703767381, 0715177580, 0762237580

Advanced Technological Institute – Ampara
0717638653, 0634929131, 0705965769, 0632222056

Advanced Technological Institute – Sammanthurai
0703418480, 0775153500

Advanced Technological Institute – Trincomalee
0755592927, 0778086443, 0702324439

Advanced Technological Institute – Colombo
0714407665, 0769619175

Advanced Technological Institute – Anuradhapura
0252234417, 0716564572, 0252234417, 0714430161

Advanced Technological Institute – Kandy
0812226644, 0714848210, 0812232097, 0774538133

Advanced Technological Institute – Vavuniya
0776162010, 0242052733

Advanced Technological Institute – Mannar
0767966111, 0779202279

Advanced Technological Institute – Galle

Advanced Technological Institute – Nawalapitiya
0713702889, 0718501374

Advanced Technological Institute – Badulla
0552230218, 0716723048, 0712347677

Advanced Technological Institute – Ratnapura
0718000460, 0712122692


August 19, 2021

Television Education Timetable

Here we have given the television education time table for students broadcast by 6 local TV Channels. Channel EYE, ITN, Siyataha, Swarnavahini, ETV.

Channel EYE - Grade 3 - 13 Sinhala and Tamil Medium
ITN - Primary Sinhala Medium
Siyatha - 9,10,11 Sinhala Medium Science
Swarnavahini - 7 to 11 Maths Sinhala Medium
ETV - English, Sinhala, Tamil, (Sinhala Medium Primary, History,  , ICT, Aesthetic,  , Science)


August 18, 2021

7 TV Channels for Gurugedara

Cabinet Ministers granted approval to broadcast Guru Gedara Education progamme via PEO TV. 7 Channels will be broadcast guru gedara education programmes via SLT PEO TV with free of charge. Later the number of channels will be expanded to 20

Click Below for Details

Learning Materials for Students