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Town Schools Remained Closed (from June 27 to July 01)
Another Circular Released (26 June 2022) Restricting the Calling of Officers to Government Offices
NENASA TV Education Time Table (June 27 to July 01)
June 26, 2022

NENASA TV Education Time Table (June 27 to July 01)

Here the Nenasa TV Education Time Table for next week stat from June 27 for Sinhala and Tamil Medium for all grades.

You can watch these Channels free (Free of Charge, data Free)

  1. Via Dialog TV Channels (4 Seperate Channels for Grade 1-5, Grade 6-9, Grade 10-11, Grade 12-13 Each Medium)
  2. Via Smart Phone. just download Dialog ViU App (Dialog user can access this freely)

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Vacancies in US Embassy and USAID
June 26, 2022

Vacancies in US Embassy and USAID

Applications are invited for filling Below vacancies.
  1. Library Representative - American Embassy, Colombo
  2. Records and Correspondence Management Technician - USAID
Library Representative
American Embassy, Colombo
40 hours per week
Monthly Salary 973.25 USS

Degree in History, English, Political Science, Library and Information Science
5 Years Experience

Closing Date July 07, 2022

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Records and Correspondence Management Technician
Annual Salary from 7642 USS

Closing Date July 08, 2022

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Application for Officer cadet (for professionals in Education Field.)
School Operation  (June 27 to July 01)
Results Released : Oriental Pandit Preliminary Examination 2022
PGDE - Weekend (Sinhala Medium)
June 25, 2022

PGDE - Weekend (Sinhala Medium)


Applications are invited for Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programme from Rajarata University of Sri Lanka.


Duration : 18 months (Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 4 pm)

Course Fee 80 000

Medium : Sinhala

Closing Date 05 August 2022

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Postgraduate Scholarship : Thailand
June 24, 2022

Postgraduate Scholarship : Thailand

Applications are invited for the Postgraduate Scholarship from Thailand for the academic Year of 2023.

Under 30 Years
Degree in following Fields
Science : Chemistry, Biology, Biological Science, Molecular Biology, Environmental Science
Medical Sciences : medicine , Medical Technology
Pharmacy or Pharmaceuticals Science

Closing Date 30 Sep 2022

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Check your Name on  Electoral Register 2022
Circular Released No Pay Leave for government Officers (Local and Foreign)


Cabinet Decisions (20 June 2022)


National Olympiad of Informatics (NOI)


PGDE Drama and Theatre (Weekend)
Important points on  Education Ministry Media conference (19 June 2022)
June 19, 2022

Important points on Education Ministry Media conference (19 June 2022)

Here are the important points of Today's Media conference of Education Ministry on coming week school operation (20 June to 24th June 2022)

Schools in Colombo Zone and Other Town Schools will be closed.

School apart from Town can be conduct, if the teachers and students can come without travelling issues.

This is a holiday period, Its not compulsory to come to school for teachers. This is a volunteer working period  to go to school.

Schools which are not in operation in coming week should keep records of special activities.

Students should be guide to Nenasa TV, E taksalawa LMS, NIE youtube Learning Materials.

August Term vacations will be reduced.

National Level programme for AL students will be commenced from July 2022 whom sit for this year exam.

National level zoom sessions will be conducted for Primary teacher to guide them on covering basic competency levels within this year.

Click Below for the Media Conference 


MPhil in Economics - 2021 (Eastern University)
Media Conference : Education Ministry
June 18, 2022

Media Conference : Education Ministry

Media Conference will be held on 19th of June 2022 on Paper Marking, Conducting Schools and Future plans of Education ministry. It will be live telecast via Facebook

ITS NOT COMPUSORY TO GO TO SCHOOL FOR TEACHERS. This is a VOLUNTEER SERVICE for a week.  Teachers from distance area no need to go to school, 

Click below for Summery of Conference in Tamil

Live Stream Attached Below

Date : 19 June 2022
Time : 10.30 AM

Education Minister
Secretary of Education
Commissioner general of Exam

Live Telecast will be stream via below FB Page

June (2022) Exams Postponed
Certificate Course in Research Methodology (NIE)
School Operation (June 20 to June 24)
June 18, 2022

School Operation (June 20 to June 24)

Education Ministry has released the School Operation from June 20 to June 24. Schools in Colombo Education Zone and schools in Main Towns will be closed. Provincial Education Directors can take decisions of the schools of relevant Provinces.

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Restricting the Calling of Officers to Government Offices for 2 weeks from June 20
Relief for Non Academic Staff (National School)
Attachment for Teachers (Transport Crisis)
June 17, 2022

Attachment for Teachers (Transport Crisis)

Education ministry has released a special letter to Secretaries of Public Service Commission, Directors of Provincial, Zonal Education Directors and National School Principals regarding the Temporary Attachment of teachers in National and Provincial schools.

Attachment could be given till 31st of December 2022

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Grade 01 (2023) Admission and Circular 2023
Tomorrow (17 June 2022) School Holiday
Short Course in Human Resource Management (English Medium - online)


GCE A/L 2021 : Practical Exam (BST | ET)
June 15, 2022

GCE A/L 2021 : Practical Exam (BST | ET)

Department of Examination has released the date of the Practical Exam of GCE A/L 2021 for the Bio Systems Technology and Engineering Technology.

Bio Systems Technology Exam - from 18 June 2022 to 22 June 2022
Engineering Technology Exam - from 29 June 2022 to 09 July 2022

Admission cards sent to schools for School Students and posted to private candidates that the address given by the application.

Admission Card can be downloaded via online
AL ADMISSION : Practical Exam

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Learning Materials for Students