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General Forms for Government officers
April 20, 2022

General Forms for Government officers

Here we have attached the general forms need for the government officers.

Click Below to Download D form

General 3 Application Form for print new General Form
General 5 Application for Accident Leave under F.R.R. 1357, 1381, 1386
General 21 Application for Free Railway Holiday Warrants
General 29 Application for Refund From Revenue
General 35 Pay In Voucher
General 35 A Overtime Voucher
General 38 D Form
General 39 Money received from The Republic Of Sri Lanka
General 42 Letter H Account (Vide Financial Regulation 353)

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General 47 The form Of Unused Goods
General 53 A History Sheet – Pensionable Officers
General 55 Application for Pension Gratuity/ Death Gratuity/ Injury Allowance/compensation Pension, under the minutes on pensions
General 70 Requisition Form
General 71 Abstract Statement of Deposits
General 86 Declaration under section 21 of the W. & O.P. Fund Ordinance (Cap.431)
General 86 A Declaration under section 5 of the W.& O.P. Fund Ordinance (No. 24 of 1983)
General 87 Notification of birth, marriage or death of a child or divorce, or death of husband of contributor
General 90 A Confidential Report

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General 92 Application form for buy motor vehicle/motorcycle/scooter or bicycle
General 103 Renewal of credit
General 124 Return of rent of government buildings, gardens, & .,
General 125 A Application for leave
General 126 Application for leave out of Sri Lanka
General 134 Application for sanction to acquire / lease land
General 142 Medical Board – 1st Form
General 142 A Medical Board – 2nd Form
General 157 Application For A Certificate Of “No Claim”

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General 157 A Article 157a And Article 161 (D) (Iii)
General 158 Bond Agreement Form
General 160 Agreement Form
General 161 Commuted Travelling Allowance Form
General 169 Candidate For Appointment Under Government Should Complete The Form And Hand It To The Government Medical Officer At The Time Of Examination.
General 176 Declaration Of Civil Status And Living Conditions
General 177 Travelling Allowances
General 178 Travelling Allowances For Transfer
General 185 Increment Certificate Form

Click Below to download the above Forms
Forms 157 A - 185 Download

General 217 Application For Medical Examination
General 224 Declaration Of Marriage Of Contributor
General 225 Application For Official Money Orders
General 230 B Commendations And Censures
General 230 C Annual Confidential Report
General 232 Order For Payment Of Annual Increment
General 233 Application For Authority To Incur Additional Expenditure On Project Or Object Under Financial Regulation Nos. 66 (2) And (3), And 68 And 69
General 250 Temporary Voucher
General 251 Agreement Of Bonders

Click Below to download the above Forms

General 263 Deed Of Agreement
General 264 Bail-Bond
General 265 Non Cancelled Power Of Attorney
General 272 Loan Agreement
General 274 Application For Free Railway Holiday Warrants To Pensioners, Widow Pensioners And Dependent Children
General 278 Oath Or Affirmation
General 279 Commitment Sheet
General 284 Final Report Of Losses Under F. R. 104 (4)
General 285 Application For Write Off Of Losses In Terms Of F. R. 109

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