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Career Guide Tests (Online ) : NIE
June 18, 2023

Career Guide Tests (Online ) : NIE

National Institute of Education has released 3 online career Guide Tests for school Students
  1. Career Interest Test
  2. career Key Test
  3. Multiple Intelligence Test

Career Interest Test
This test will help you identify your likes and dislikes. It will direct your attention to certain jobs/careers that suit your interests.

Career Key Test
This test enables the identification of individual behavior that is compatible with the job/professional and related work environment, to select the appropriate job/professional field, and to achieve satisfactory career success. This test can also be used to choose the right education and training opportunities related to the job/career that suits them.

Multiple Intelligence Test
To what extent do you use natural intelligence (your strengths, your style, and your style of intelligence)  To that extent you can reach your happiness, success and future development in life. This test can help you to choose your best subjects in school, identify your learning style, and develop your future job/career goals.

Click Below for the Tests in Sinhala / Tamil Medium


Before the A/L ( for 2022 O/L Students)
June 08, 2023

Before the A/L ( for 2022 O/L Students)

We have attached some of documents to refer before selecting GCE A/L Streams. These documents will help you to get some idea and guide you to plan you future

Click below for the Documents

1. Subject Selection Circular - Select your AL Subjects and streams

2. Subject Wise Results to get an idea about the subject and influence to the Z Score

3. UGC Guide Book - Available Courses for each streams in University

4. University Cut Off marks - Z Score for Each Course

5. College of Education Circular - for those wish to be a Teacher

6. Subject Content and Syllabus

Click below for the Documents


for 2021 OL Failed Students
January 04, 2023

for 2021 OL Failed Students

Skill Scan Clinic Programme fro GCE O/L 2021 Failed Students organized by Department of Manpower and Employment.

Career Guidance will be provided for the students for Employments.

Please Contact via Below numbers (Public Employment Service Centers - District Wise) and Register for this Programme.

Please Contact During Working Hours

Colombo - 0112 369 258

Gampaha - 0332 248 990

Kalutara - 0342 236 162

Matara 0412 231319

Galle 0912 233 906

Hambanthota 0472 242766

Kandy 0812 068 229

Matale 0662 222 824

Nuwareliya 0522 224 186

Kegalle 0352 221 733

Ratnapura 0452 232 996

Kurunegala 0372 221 402

Puttalam 0322 266253

Badulla 0552 228 030

Monaragala 0552 277 248

Anuradhapura 0252 234 988

Polannaruwa 0272 056 715

Ampara 0632 224 499

Batticaloa 0652 227 193

Trincomalee 0262 242 393

Jaffna 0212 219 359

Kilinochi 0212 283 739

Vavuniya - 0242 228025

Mannara 0233 120 642

Mullaiteewu - 0743 742 554 | 0213 900 239

Click Below for Details


Free Online Software Engineering Course : Trainee Full Stack Developer
March 18, 2022

Free Online Software Engineering Course : Trainee Full Stack Developer

With the Sponsorship of DP Education, University of Moratuwa has Created a learning Management System to learn Software Engineering Course.

You can freely register and learn this course. Suitable for students who has finished the AL. If anyone interested please register and start your career here.


Click Below link to register and continue the online free course


Grade 11 Business Studies and Accounting (Unit wise questions and Answers)


Aviation Fundamentals for Students : Sri Lanka Air Force


for Grade 12 Students (2021 New Batch)
January 04, 2022

for Grade 12 Students (2021 New Batch)

For GCE Grade 12 Students, Before you select your subject you have to known below documents

University Guide Book
to aware the available courses for your Stream

GCE A/L Prior Year Results Subject Wise
to determine the demand for Z Score for relevant Subject

AL Subject Selection
Select the main subjects, and available courses

Click Below for the Documents



Interest Free Loan Scheme for GCE A/L 2018/2019/2020 AL Students
December 18, 2021

Interest Free Loan Scheme for GCE A/L 2018/2019/2020 AL Students

Applications are invited for Interest Free Loan Scheme for Degree programmes from 2018, 2019, 2020 GCE A/L Qualified Students.

Closing Date 31 Jan 2022

Online Application will be available from 21st of December 2021

Click Below for More Details

Click Below for the Guide Book 
Course Guide Book

Click Below for Online Application (not released yet)
Online Application


Educational Scholarships for children  who have lost their parents due to covid


NENASA TV Free Education Via TV and Mobile
November 14, 2021

NENASA TV Free Education Via TV and Mobile

There are six channels from Dialog under Nenasa Education Programme. Education programme available from grade 6 - 13.

Free Service, no need to pay for these Channels

There are 6 Channels

Nenasa Junior (Sinhala Medium)
Nenasa Junior (Tamil Medium)

Nenasa O/L (Sinhala Medium)
Nenasa O/L (Tamil Medium)

Nenasa A/L (Sinhala Medium)
Nenasa A/L (Tamil Medium)

How can access
1. People who has Dialog TV 
2. VIu App Google (Google Play | App Store | APP Gallery
3. Nenasa Labs in Schools

How to get Timetable (Use your mobile and click Schedule)

Click Below for Details


Scholarship for Technical Steam Students 2021


GCE A/L Vocational Stream 2021 -  School List


UGC Book (2020 AL)
September 30, 2021

UGC Book (2020 AL)

UGC Book for the academic Year 2020/21 can be download freely now. This book released for the university entrance of 2020 AL Students. This book will be very useful for the students who study in AL. They can get an understanding on University entrance and Courses available in Universities.

Click Below to Download


CHANNEL NIE YouTube Education Videos  for students
August 31, 2021

CHANNEL NIE YouTube Education Videos for students

National Institute of Education has launched three separate YouTube channels for streaming Education Videos for students. These videos are telecasted via gurugedara TV Programme. Students can watch these videos via Yout Tube. Better to use YouTube special packages to watch these videos

Click Below for Education Videos


For students who are  unable to apply for university  2020/2021


International Painting Competition for Students


Jaya Nena 05 : Competition for School Students
June 24, 2021

Jaya Nena 05 : Competition for School Students

Channel NIE has initiated a competition named Jaya Nena for school students. Students can participate and can win Laptop, Smart Phone, School Tools.

There are three categories. 
Primary | Grade 6 - 11 | GCE A/L

  • Student from a school
  • The competitor can only participate in one round in a division on one occasion.
  • Use one of the below method. if use more than one option you will be disqualified. ( WhatsApp, Viber, google form. )
Competition conduct by NIE, Education Ministry, SLBC, Channel Eye, Nethra

Question and answering methods are given on the video. 
Sinhala Medium Students Click Below

Tamil Medium Students Click Below
Couse : Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management - Open University
June 24, 2021

Couse : Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management - Open University

Applications are invited for Advanced Certificate in Entrepreneurship and small business management course from pen University of Sri Lanka

Online Applications available for 04 July 2021 to 03 August 2021

Online Application :

Click Below for More Details

GCE O/L passed , 18 years students can apply for this course and after the completion of this course they can directly enter to Bachelor of Management Studies Degree Programme.

Click Below for Details in


Vesak Design Competition - e-Thaksalawa


Education via TV (Guru Gedara)
May 10, 2021

Education via TV (Guru Gedara)

Guru Gedara programme was started by ministry of education for deliver the education via television.
This programme broadcasts via Channel Eye.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday : Sinhala Medium
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday : Tamil Medium
Sunday : Sinhala & Tamil Medium

Students Can watch this programme in Channel Eye via Television or Mobile App (Dialog TV or SriFlix).

Prior Videos are Uploaded in Channel NIE You Tube Channel. Click Below for watch prior Videos

Click Below for the Common Timetable (mostly, a New Timetable will be Introduced from next week)

Click Below for the Details




Learning Materials for Students