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September 30, 2021

UGC Book (2020 AL)

UGC Book for the academic Year 2020/21 can be download freely now. This book released for the university entrance of 2020 AL Students. This book will be very useful for the students who study in AL. They can get an understanding on University entrance and Courses available in Universities.

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August 31, 2021

CHANNEL NIE YouTube Education Videos for students

National Institute of Education has launched three separate YouTube channels for streaming Education Videos for students. These videos are telecasted via gurugedara TV Programme. Students can watch these videos via Yout Tube. Better to use YouTube special packages to watch these videos

Click Below for Education Videos




June 24, 2021

Jaya Nena 05 : Competition for School Students

Channel NIE has initiated a competition named Jaya Nena for school students. Students can participate and can win Laptop, Smart Phone, School Tools.

There are three categories. 
Primary | Grade 6 - 11 | GCE A/L

  • Student from a school
  • The competitor can only participate in one round in a division on one occasion.
  • Use one of the below method. if use more than one option you will be disqualified. ( WhatsApp, Viber, google form. )
Competition conduct by NIE, Education Ministry, SLBC, Channel Eye, Nethra

Question and answering methods are given on the video. 
Sinhala Medium Students Click Below

Tamil Medium Students Click Below
June 24, 2021

Couse : Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management - Open University

Applications are invited for Advanced Certificate in Entrepreneurship and small business management course from pen University of Sri Lanka

Online Applications available for 04 July 2021 to 03 August 2021

Online Application :

Click Below for More Details

GCE O/L passed , 18 years students can apply for this course and after the completion of this course they can directly enter to Bachelor of Management Studies Degree Programme.

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May 10, 2021

Education via TV (Guru Gedara)

Guru Gedara programme was started by ministry of education for deliver the education via television.
This programme broadcasts via Channel Eye.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday : Sinhala Medium
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday : Tamil Medium
Sunday : Sinhala & Tamil Medium

Students Can watch this programme in Channel Eye via Television or Mobile App (Dialog TV or SriFlix).

Prior Videos are Uploaded in Channel NIE You Tube Channel. Click Below for watch prior Videos

Click Below for the Common Timetable (mostly, a New Timetable will be Introduced from next week)

Click Below for the Details



April 09, 2021

Indian Scholarships (Applications and Details)

India government gives 4 major scholarship for higher studies in India for Sri Lankan Students. The scholarships are given under three scholarship Programme.

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship Scheme
  2. Commonwealth Scholarship Plan
  3. Nehru Memorial Scholarship Scheme
  4. Maulana Azad Scholarship

Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship

Number of Scholarship 25

Age below 22

Passed GCE O/L and AL

Medium English

Field : Only for Mathematical Stream

Closing Date 20 April 2021

Click Below for More Details and Application

Commonwealth Scholarship

05 Scholarship for PhD

Field Open to all except Medicine, Paramedical and Fashion Design

Less than 45 Years

Be employed in the Government

Closing Date 20 April 2021

Click Below for More Details and Application

Nehru Memorial Scholarship

Number of Scholarships 120
Age Below 22
Passed OL and AL

Medium English

bio Science
Commerce & Management
Fine Arts

Closing Date 20 April 2021

Click Below for More Details and Application

Maulana Azad Scholarship Programme

Masters Degree 50
Field : Open to all except Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Fashion Design.
Age Below 45
For Government Employees
Closing Date 20 April 2021.

Click Below for More Details and Application

Click Below for Details in Tamil



April 08, 2021

Free Online Course (arduino, Robotic and IOT)

Applications are invited for free online course on Robotics and IOT. This is a beginner course in arduino, robotics and IoT.

Free Course
Age 12 - 18
Medium English | Sinhala | Tamil

8 Days course with 2 hours per each session.
Number of participants per group 15 - 25
Number of slots available 100

Click Below for Register

Click Below for Further Details

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