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Aptitude Test (University of Colombo School of Computing) - University Entrance 17/18
June 30, 2018

Aptitude Test (University of Colombo School of Computing) - University Entrance 17/18

University of Colombo School of Computing
List of Qualified Students - Academic Year 2017/2018

Please note that the A/L Index numbers presented here are not arranged by the Aptitude Test Marks or Z-Score The candidates should also note that passing the Aptitude Test alone does not guarantee your selection for the B.Sc. in Information Systems Degree Programme.

Application - Diploma Course in Buddhist Psychology and Counselling
Issuing Certificates for Local use - Exam Department
June 30, 2018

Issuing Certificates for Local use - Exam Department

Issuing Certificates for Local use  

Two types of services are in operation to issue certificates.

One – day service:  
Click Below for Application

Normal service: 
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 [ Sinhala ] [ Tamil ]

Fees are charged as follows :
(i) One – day service: 
Rs. 600/- for each sitting of any examination and Rs 300/- for every additional copy.
(ii) Normal service: 
Rs. 350/- for each sitting of any examination and Rs. 200/- for every additional copy.

  • It is compulsory that the owners of the certificates which are for Local use should present in person at the Issuing counter of the Department and prove their identity when they collect their certificates. The National Identity Card or a Valid Passport along with a photocopy of it should be produced in order to prove the identity. No identity cards of any other type will be accepted.
  • When the owner of a certificate is unable to be present in person to collect the certificate, contact the issuing counter through the telephone number 0112786681 and get the required instructions in order to obtain such certificate.
  • Certificates are issued only with respect to the Department of Examinations conducted by this Department and you may contact the telephone numbers 0112784323 or 0112786681 and learn whether a certificate of a certain examination can be obtained or not. 

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Results Released - Aptitude Test (Moratuwa University)


Results Released - Grade III SLTES (Limited)
Circular - Granting compensation for the dependents of public officers deceased due to diseases


Results Released -  Daham Pasal Final Certificate Examination - 2017(2018)
EB Modules - SriLanka Teacher Service
June 28, 2018

EB Modules - SriLanka Teacher Service

Module 01
Sinhala   | Tamil | English

Module 02
Sinhala   | Tamil | English

Module 03
Sinhala    | Tamil | English

Module 04
Sinhala    | Tamil | English

Module 05     
Sinhala  | Tamil | English
ආකෘති පත්‍ර

Module 06
Sinhala   | Tamil | English

Module 07       
Sinhala   | Tamil | English

Module 08
Sinhala | Tamil | English

Module 09
Sinhala  | Tamil | English
session plan

Module 10
Sinhala  | Tamil | English

Module 11        
Sinhala  | Tamil | English
Sinhala   | Tamil | English 

Module 14
Sinhala   | Tamil | English

Module 16
Sinhala  | Tamil | English 

Module 17
Sinhala   | Tamil | English
Module 18
Sinhala  | Tamil | English

Module 19
Sinhala | Tamil | English
Application - Promotion to SLAS Grade I from Grade II
June 28, 2018

Application - Promotion to SLAS Grade I from Grade II

Qualifications to be satisfied for promotion to Grade I and the method of promotion:
a) Should have completed a satisfactory service of 05 years immediately preceding the date of becoming eligible for promotion and earned 05 salary increments. 

b) Officers who have satisfied qualifications will be promoted after calling for an interview

Closing Date 09.07.2018

Click Below for Application and Instructions
Sinhala | Tamil | English


MSc Programmes  - University of Peradeniya (Colombo Branch)
June 27, 2018

MSc Programmes - University of Peradeniya (Colombo Branch)

Applications are called for the following M.Sc. Degree programs (September Intake) for the academic Year 2018

  • Bio Statistics
  • Applied Statistics
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Food Science & Technology

Programmes are conducted at the faculty of Graduate Studies
Kothalawela Defense University

Closing Date 31.07.2018
Aptitude Test 11/08/2018

2018 September intake (Colombo)
Instructions to Applicants
Payment Structure 2018
How to Apply

0812 395576
Time Table G.C.E. A/L 2018 (Finalized 2nd time on June 25)
Master of Business Administration - Colombo University
June 27, 2018

Master of Business Administration - Colombo University

Master of Business Administration - Colombo University

Weekday and Weekend Programmes

  1. MBA in Accounting & Information Management
  2. MBA in HRM
  3. MBA in Finance
  4. MBA in Marketing

Closing Date 07.07.2018

Click Below to Download Application
Weekday Programme Application
Weekend Programme Application

Download Brochures


BA in Social Sciences (Open University) - Closing Date Extended
Director Vacancies - Education Ministry
June 26, 2018

Director Vacancies - Education Ministry

Application called for filling below vacancies in Ministry of Education

  1. Director of Education (Primary)
  2. Director of Education (IT)
  3. Director of Education (Technology)
  4. Director of Education (Sports)
  5. Director of Education (aesthetic)
  6. Director of Education (Co Curricular)
  7. Director of Education (Teacher Transfer)


  • SLEAS Grade 01
  • 5 Years of Experience

Closing Date 2018.07.12

Click Below for more Details and Application 
Sinhala | Tamil | English 

Scholarship - Medical Degree in Homeopathy
June 26, 2018

Scholarship - Medical Degree in Homeopathy

The closing Date for calling of application has been extended till 05.07.2018 and the interview for selections will be held at 9.30 am on wards on 07.07.2018 at the venue mentioned at the address given below

Due to the delay in mail, applications sent by fax are considered. Originals of certificates should be forwarded at the interviews. Applicants will be called for interviews over the telephone

0112 676383
0112 683007

0112 676095
0112 676175
0112 676344

LH Tillakaratne
Additional Secretary
Indigenous Medical Sector
Ministry of  Health, Nutrition, Indigenous Medicine
4th floor, 464, TB Jaya Mawatha
Colombo 10

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Scholarship - Medical Degree in Homeopathy


First EB Exam of Development Officers' Service - 2015(I) 2017 - 2018
June 25, 2018

First EB Exam of Development Officers' Service - 2015(I) 2017 - 2018

First Efficiency Bar Examination of development officers service 2015 (I) 2017 (2018) will be held on 30/06/2018

  • Those who have difficulty in downloading the Admission card may call one of the following numbers to get a copy through fax 1911/0112 785 230
  • If the admission card cannot be printed on singe sheet candidate signature should be placed on both the pages when attesting

Click below for Downloading Admission Card
Download Admission
Promotion List of SLTES Grade 01 (According to Section 15.2)
Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language - NIE
June 25, 2018

Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language - NIE

A Full time course where academic sessions are held only at NIE. Design for senior English teachers , English Teacher Educators and Education officers of English to familiarize them with the latest developments in English Language teaching and teacher education. Those Selected for the course are entitled to study leave for the duration of the course, subject to government regulations

  • English trained teacher/ English medium graduate/ Graduate with English as a subject/ graduate who has passed in English at G.C.E. A/L Exam
  • 5 years of English teaching Exam
  • Below 50 years
  • Serving in a government school/government approved school/privena or institute under the ministry of education and higher education

Course Fee           :30  000
Examination Fee :4000

Selection will be made on the results of an interview conducted for candidates who score high marks at an entrance exam

  • As mentioned above, Applicants themselves should prepare an application indicating the name, private and official addresses, Contact telephone number, email address and eligibility for admission in terms of qualifcations and any other relevant information.
  • The head of institute should endorse the application
  • Non refundable sum of 1000 to cover the examination fee should be credited to the account number 607628 of the Director General , NIE at any branch of Bank of Ceylon and annex the receipt to application form

The duly perfected application along with two self addressed stamped envelopes (9X4) should be sent under registered cover to reach
The Coordinator,
Dip. TESL, Department of English,

Closing Date 31.07.2018


Government Vacancies - Local Government
Courses (Gem Industry and Jewellery Industry)
June 24, 2018

Courses (Gem Industry and Jewellery Industry)

Gem & Jewellery Research and Training Institute
Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment

Courses related to Gem Industry
  • Gemmology
  • Basic Gemmolgy
  • Colour Grading & Marketing of Gem Stones
  • Geuda Heat Treatment
  • Gem Cutting & Polishing
  • Gem Design Technician
  • Gem Carving & Bead Jewellery Manufacturing

Courses Related to Jewellery Industry
  • Jewellery Designing
  • Computer Aided Jewellery Designing
  • Jewellery Stone Setting
  • Jewellery Manufacturing
  • Costume Jewellery Manufacturing
  • Casting & Electro Plating course


Courses - SriLanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management
June 24, 2018

Courses - SriLanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management


SLITHM offers the following 1 Month Apprenticeship Courses to cater the ever-demanding man power requirement of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.
  • Restaurant and Bar Services, Reception, Housekeeping
  • Cookery Assistant
  • Laundry Assistant
  • Pastry and Bakery
The main focus of above programs is employment creation to cater to industry requirements at skill level for those with less than Ordinary Level qualifications. A scholarship scheme is also being introduced for this program.

The above training programs are aimed for restaurant and bar, kitchen, housekeeping and front office who would be later recruited as trainees in hotels.

IMPORTANT: Please contact SLITHM Registrar Office on 011-2382210 for course availability information and course fee information.

Application Forms can be obtained from following link DOWNLOAD or from Registrars’ Office

Jobs in Japan (Free)
Government Vacancies - Sunday Observer June 24
June 24, 2018

Government Vacancies - Sunday Observer June 24

Ministry of Housing and Construction

Director (Engineering)

  • Master of Science OR Associate menbership of Institute of charted Engineers
  • 10 years Experience
  • Salary 114 345

Assistant Director (Engineering)
Assistant Director (Architecture)

  • Degree in Civil engineering/ Architecture 
  • 3 years of Expereince
  • Salary 95 575

Technical Officer

  • BSc in Civil Engineering/ QS/ Draftsman
  • Salary 70580

System Analyst
Data Planning Assistant
Planning Assistant

  • Degree in Computer SCience/ Statistics/ IT/ Computation and Management
  • Salary 630325

Community Development Assistant

  • Degree in any Filed
  • Diploma course in Social Work or Certificate in agriculture/ Social Science
  • Salary 54 960

Technical Assistant

  • National Diploma in Technology
  • HNDE
  • National Technical Certificate(Engineering/QS) 
  • Salary 50 940

Closing Date 09.07.2018

Internal Auditor
Lanka Phosphate Limited

  • Degree in accountancy/Finance/Commerce
  • 5 years of Expereince
  • Salary 95 575
  • Closing Date 10.07.2018

BSc in Agriculture Resource Management and Technology (For Diploma Holders)
June 24, 2018

BSc in Agriculture Resource Management and Technology (For Diploma Holders)

BSc in Agriculture Resource Management and Technology
(For Diploma Holders)

Admission of Diploma holders in Agriculture to BSc agricultural Resource Management and Technology Degree Program

  • A two year Diploma in Agriculture or animal production from any school of agriculture of the department of agriculture, Aquinas universiity college, Hardy Institute of Technical Training, affiliated University College OR
  • Two year Diploma from National College of Education with agriculture as the main Subject 


  • 5 Years

Closing Date 31 July 2018

Competition - Integrity Idol 2018  Competition (Honest Government Officials)
June 24, 2018

Competition - Integrity Idol 2018 Competition (Honest Government Officials)

Public servants who have displayed integrity in their engagement with the public and those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the integrity of their service are eligible to be nominated as an Integrity Idol. Their conduct should be exemplary and admirable, inspiring others too to take such action. Preference is given to local level officials. Retired officials or those working on a contractual basis are not eligible.

An applicant should,
• be a citizen of Sri Lanka;
• be a current employee working full time in any government office, agency, or department with at       least 5 years of service to go before retirement;
• have served in government jobs for at least 5 years at the time of nomination for Integrity Idol;
• have honestly fulfilled his/her duties and responsibilities as a government official/civil servant with integrity;
• not have been convicted of a crime or any kind of misuse of power, or indicted by any state body;
• be open to participating in the campaign and the public voting process, and must abide by the decisions of the panel of judges’ and the outcome of the public voting process;
• be willing to be filmed, with images broadcast on local, national and international media.

Anyone can nominate a candidate or themselves (see Annex A for a sample nomination form). The nomination form

will be made available and collected through the following channels:

• Website []

• Email []

• Hand-written and printed forms can be sent by post or delivered to the TISL office at 5/1, Elibank Road, Colombo 05.

If you require further information, contact our hotline - 0711 295 295/ 076 117 33 44

The nomination period will be open from 12th June to 31st July 2018.

Click Below for Details

Sinhala | Tamil | English


Nursing Vacancies - USA
June 23, 2018

Nursing Vacancies - USA

Nursing Vacancies - USA


  • Licnense on Sri Lanka Nursing Service with two years oe Exereince
  • Nursing Degree or Certificate
  • IELTS 6.5 - SPK 7

Programme on 25th of June 2018

0112 879 901
0112 879 902
0112 791 814


Results Released - Entrance Exam of Bachelor of Management Studies  - Open University
Graduate Teaching in Sabaragamuwa Province (Graduate and HNDE)
June 22, 2018

Graduate Teaching in Sabaragamuwa Province (Graduate and HNDE)

Applications are invited from Graduates /English two year diploma holders who are permanent residents of the Sabragamuwa province for Sri Lanka Teacher Service


  1. Age 18-45
  2. Permanent resident of the sabaragamuwa province for three years immediately prior to the Closing Date
  3. Degree / two year Diploma in English

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