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Cabinet Decisions - 08.01.024


Cabinet Decisions - 30.10.2023


Cabinet Decisions --  31 July 2023


Cabinet Decisions  05 June 2023
June 06, 2023

Cabinet Decisions 05 June 2023

Decisions taken by the cabinet meeting which was held on 05 June 2023 has been published.

Major Decisions are listed below
  1. Establishment of an independent regulatory body for the betterment of the film and television industry
  2. National Policy and Strategic Framework for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases in Sri Lanka
  3. Ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)
  4. Under the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007, update of orders applicable to company secretaries
  5. The order published under the provisions of the Measurement Units, Standards and Services Act No. 35 of 1995
  6. Rationalization of Value Added Tax Exemptions and Abolition of Simplified Value Added Tax System
  7. Draft a bill on contempt of a court, a tribunal or an institution
  8. Enhancing the general wastewater refinery of the Export Processing Zone of Horana
  9. Awarding the contract for repairing the Honeywell APUs of Sri Lankan Airlines
  10. Reducing the prices of essential drugs
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Cabinet Decisions (03 April 2023)


Cabinet Decisions - 27 March 2023


Cabinet Decisions: 07 March 2023


Cabinet Decisions - 13 Feb 2023


Cabinet Decisions (05 Sep 2022)


Cabinet Decisions (22 August 2022)
August 23, 2022

Cabinet Decisions (22 August 2022)

Cabinet Decisions taken at cabinet meeting which was held on 22nd of August 2022 have been released.

01. Information and Cyber Protection Policy for the Government Institutions

02. Preparation of the annual budget for the year 2023

03. Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the cooperation in the agricultural sector

04. Amendment of carriage by Air act no 29 of 2018

05. Amendment of the responsibilities entrusted with the state timber corporation to cater to the contemporary requirements.

06. Submission of the draft bill of the rehabilitation bureau to the parliament.

07. Setting up a student loan facility on subsidized interest basis for students undergoing training in National Colleges of Education

08. Supply of School Uniform Materials for the Year 2023

09. Awarding the contract directly to the state development and construction corporation for essential civil works and signing related works of the department of Sri Lanka Railway,

10. Implementation of a solar power project on the land where the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation's Trincomalee transmission station is located

11. Procurement of Urea for 2022/23 Maha Season

12. Signing of MoU on Cooperation in Tourism Sector

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10 000 Monthly Loans for NCoE Trainees


Cabinet Decisions (15 August 2022)


Cabinet Decisions - 01 Aug 2022


Cabinet Decisions (04 July 2022)


Cabinet Decisions : 27 June 2022


Cabinet Decisions (20 June 2022)


Cabinet Decisions  : 13 June 2022


Cabinet Decisions - 30 May 2022


Cabinet Decisions : 03 Jan 2022
January 04, 2022

Cabinet Decisions : 03 Jan 2022

Decisions taken at the meeting of the cabinet on 03rd of January 2022 is released.

Approval Granted to amend the salary circular for eliminate salary anomalies in teacher principal services and include Teacher Advisors service salary into that circular.

5000 Allowance for Public Servants and Pensioners.

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Cabinet Decisions (05 Oct 2021)




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