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December 04, 2021

Education Progress 2021/22 (School Education)

Education ministry has released a book regarding the School Education Progress for 2021/2022

This book Contains Below Details

  1. Role of Ministry of Education
  2. Forward Vision of Education
  3. Expected to be implemented from year 2022
  4. Progress of 2021
  5. Programs and Projects implemented under Foreign Funds
  6. Measures taken to reduce the drawback in school education against the covid pandemic
  7. Financial Progress
  8. Student Achievements
  9. Institutions affiliated to the ministry of Education
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December 03, 2021

2021 December Vacation for Schools

Education Ministry has released revised school vacation for December 2021. Academic Activities end on 23 Dec 2021 and will be resumed on 03rd of January 2022. Vacation starts on 24 Dec 2021 and ends on 02 January 2022.

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November 12, 2021

General Education Sector Development Plan (2020 - 2025)

Education Ministry has released the plan for General Education Sector Development during 2020-2025. Major Reforms are Filtered and attached Here. 
  • 2 Types of Schools (Primary, Secondary)
  • 8 Subjects for O/L (6 Core and 2 Optional )
  • School Network
  • 1000 National Schools
  • 20 Model Secondary National Schools in Each District
  • Maximum 40 Students in a class
  • Maximum 600 Students in Primary School
  • Maximum 3000 Students in Secondary School
  • Professional Licensing for Education Professionals
  • Teachers’ transfer between national and provincial schools
  • National Assessment for grade s 4 and 8
  • International assessment
  • Conduct OL and Al exams within the same period of time
  • Testing Students IQ levels at the grade 6 
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November 01, 2021

Special Message from Education Ministry on National School Teacher Transfer (01 Nov 2021)

Education Ministry has released a special announcement on National School Teacher Transfer.

Ministry decided to not allowed teachers to Teacher transfer unit at the ministry of education due to covid 19. If teachers have any issues on transfer , Ministry asked the teachers to use below contact methods.

Telephone Numbers
0112 784 434
0112 785 141 - 50 ext 1271/1272

Fax 0112 784 991

email :

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October 16, 2021

Calling Academic and non-Academic staff to resume school - 15 Oct 2021

Education ministry has released a special letter on resuming schools on 21st of October 2021.
  • Primary Teachers should come to school.
  • Principal can request other teachers for duty for two days per week
  • Pregnant Teachers, Teacher who has child below 1 year of age no need to come.
  • All Staff should come to school on 18th of October 2021 for Planning Activities. (Except other provinces, pregnant teachers)
  • School Uniform not must for students
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September 28, 2021

Annual Transfers 2022 - Non Academic Staff

Ministry of Education has released the circular for annual transfers of the officers of Non academic staff appointed by the Ministry of Education in Zonal Education Offices, National College of Education, Teachers Colleges, National Schools and Teacher Centers.

Annual Transfer will be effective from 01st of March 2022.

  1. Development Assistant 
  2. Sport Trainer 
  3. Finance Assistant
  4. Cook 
  5. Project Assistant (Non-formal Education 
  6. Plumbing/Electrical/Carpentry Worker 
  7. Management Assistant (Graduate) 
  8. Service Attendant – Laboratory 
  9. Document Assistant 
  10. Service Attendant – Library 
  11. Warden of Student Hostel 
  12. Service Attendant 
  13. Assistant Warden of Student Hostel 
  14. Service Attendant – Sanitary 
  15. Laboratory Assistant 
  16. Service Attendant – Security

Mutual Transfers are not accepted during the period between 27th September 2021 and 01st March 2022.

Those who have submitted the applications for the transfers for the year 2021 are not required to apply again for the transfers for the year 2022.

Online Application : HERE

The officers who submit their applications through such online method should submit a printed application also through their head of the institute.

Closing Date 01 November 2021

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