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July 05, 2021

Admission to Teachers' Training Colleges

Application closing date extended till 20th of July 2021 for the application to the Teachers Training Colleges.

Untrained, Non Graduate Teachers can apply for this

(Please Note that this is for the TEACHERS and ASSISTANT TEACHERS who work in school without training)

Closing Date 20 July 2021

Click Below for more Details and Application
In Sinhala
In Tamil
in English



June 29, 2021

Learning Center Guidelines from Education Ministry

Education ministry has released a letter to Provincial educational directors on Regional Learning Centers for the students who face the problems on distance and online education.

These centers will be equipped with Computers and Internet. Will function from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm for Monday to Friday. 2 teachers will be appoint for morning session and another 2 teachers will be appoint for evening session.

Click Below for Full Details


June 26, 2021

Internet Packages for Schools

Education ministry has already released a circular regarding internet facilities in schools. There are special packages available for schools.

Recently a circular released, mentioning Fiber connection. For the need of the school, they can get fiber connection. Circular says the charge of the connection and device is free. Data charge should be settled by the school.

Then there is the chance to get fiber connection for all schools and government has already allowed to school to get fiber connection

Circular was issued on 28th of April 2021

Click Below for the Circular and Details for internet connections for schools and School  data packages 


June 25, 2021

Message for the Teachers in ATTACHMENT Transfer (National School)

Special announcement has released from education ministry for the teachers who are in attachment Transfers.

If they have completed the attachment periods should report their permanent place of work after the resumption of school.

If they need to extend the period of attachment, a request should be made to the Director of Education (Teacher Transfer) after the commencement of school with the recommendation of the Principal of his permanent place of work.

Click Below for the details


June 21, 2021

Internet Facility & Tabs for Students

Here we have attached the media release (Video) on Internet Facility & Tabs for Students. Education Minister GL Peries, Namal Rajapaksha, and State ministers participated for this Event. Media Conference held in Sinhala and video attached Below

Click Below for the Summery in Tamil via below link

  • E thaksalawa Learning Centers will be established
  • Students can learn there
  • Minimum 10 Computers or Laptop will be provided
  • Working for 5 days from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm






May 31, 2021

Education Via TV (GUru Gedara New TIme Tabale)

Education Ministry has released a new time table for Guru Gedar TV Programme.

Will be telecast via Channel Eye / Nethra TV
Everyday Telecast from 4.00 am to 11.30 pm

Sinhala Medium : Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Tamil Medium : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Click Below for Common Time Table
Guru Gedara Common Time Table
Prior Videos

Click Below for the Details


May 30, 2021

Grade 01 admission 2022 (Instructions and Application)

Education ministry has released the application and instructions for the admission of Grade 01 for 2022 academic Year.

Parents/ Legal Guardians wish to enroll their children into grade one of the government schools in year 2022 should submit their applications prepared as per the specimen form and instructions of this notification addressed to the relevant Heads of Schools by registered post to reach them before 30th June 2021. All qualifications must be fulfilled and valid up to 30th June 2021.

Closing Date 30 June 2021

Click Below for more Details


May 10, 2021

Education via TV (Guru Gedara)

Guru Gedara programme was started by ministry of education for deliver the education via television.
This programme broadcasts via Channel Eye.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday : Sinhala Medium
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday : Tamil Medium
Sunday : Sinhala & Tamil Medium

Students Can watch this programme in Channel Eye via Television or Mobile App (Dialog TV or SriFlix).

Prior Videos are Uploaded in Channel NIE You Tube Channel. Click Below for watch prior Videos

Click Below for the Common Timetable (mostly, a New Timetable will be Introduced from next week)

Click Below for the Details


May 08, 2021

Undergraduate Scholarship : Indonesia

Applications are invited for Undergraduate scholarship programme from Indonesia. Courses will be conducted in English Medium

English Education
Islamic Education
Electrical Engineering
Informatics Engineering
Communication studies
Agro Technology / Agro Business

Closing Date 10 June 2021

Click Below for Registration Link

Click Below for More Details



Learning Materials for Students