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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Issuing Certificates for Local use - Exam Department

Issuing Certificates for Local use  

Two types of services are in operation to issue certificates.

One – day service:  
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Normal service: 
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Fees are charged as follows :
(i) One – day service: 
Rs. 600/- for each sitting of any examination and Rs 300/- for every additional copy.
(ii) Normal service: 
Rs. 350/- for each sitting of any examination and Rs. 200/- for every additional copy.

  • It is compulsory that the owners of the certificates which are for Local use should present in person at the Issuing counter of the Department and prove their identity when they collect their certificates. The National Identity Card or a Valid Passport along with a photocopy of it should be produced in order to prove the identity. No identity cards of any other type will be accepted.
  • When the owner of a certificate is unable to be present in person to collect the certificate, contact the issuing counter through the telephone number 0112786681 and get the required instructions in order to obtain such certificate.
  • Certificates are issued only with respect to the Department of Examinations conducted by this Department and you may contact the telephone numbers 0112784323 or 0112786681 and learn whether a certificate of a certain examination can be obtained or not. 

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