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 W & OP Re - registration

W & OP Re - registration

 W & OP Re - registration

This is only for re-registration process.

Who are the persons need to do this?

  • You need to have a W & OP number.(82 / .., F / ..., M / ....)
           ( If not, get your widows, widowers’ and orphans’ no. contacting the officer in charge of the                personal files in your institution.)
  • Check whether your card is available online via entering Your NIC

  • If your number appears online, re-registration is not required. If NOT you have to re - register.
  • All data should be entered in English language as per the specimen given.

For Registration


For more Details      
                                                 More Details

 For inquiries - 011-5920403 / 0112320049.




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