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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Establishment of the Pool of Resource Persons for Examination Duties

Establishment of the Pool of Resource Persons for Examination Duties of the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka

A Pool of Resource Persons will be established from Sri Lankan citizens with a view to obtain support for examination duties of the Department of Examinations, Sri Lanka and this includes all the duties with regard to Other examinations, except School examinations. Resource Persons will be recruited to the pool for the following duties.

Duty of the resource person

  1. Setting and moderation of question papers
  2. Translating question papers (Sinhala/ Tamil/ English/ Other) 
  3. Evaluating answer scripts 
  4. Evaluation and testing services that need expertise 

Who Can Apply

All lecturers/Teachers and officers who serve in state and private institutions including Ministries, Departments, Universities, National Institute of Education, National Colleges of Education, Teacher Training Colleges, Technical Colleges, Schools Pensioners who served in above mentioned institutions could also apply. 

The application prepared as per the specimen application form attached herewith using both sides of an A4 paper in English medium should be sent by registered post to 

''Commissioner General of Examinations, 
Evaluation - Institutional Examinations Branch, 
Department of Examinations, 
Sri Lanka, 
National Evaluation and Testing Service, Pelawatta, Battaramulla''. 

Along with the no/s of the duty/ duties you wish to apply, mention clearly ''Application for the duty of resource person no/s. ……'' at the top left hand corner of the envelop. 

 Subject Field 

  1. Religion (Buddhism, Thripitaka Dhamma, Catholicism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam) 
  2. Language (Sinhala, Tamil, English, Appreciation of Literary Texts (Sinhala/ Tamil/ English/ Arabic) Language and Comprehension (Sinhala/ Tamil/ English), Pali, Sanskrit, Prakrit, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Russian )
  3. Mathematics (Mathematics, Combined Mathematics (Pure/ Applied), Higher Mathematics, Statistics, Business Mathematics) 
  4. Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany/ Zoology), Agricultural Science, Veterinary Science, Health & Physical Education, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry (
  5. Engineering (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Motor Mechanical Science, Library and Documentary Science )
  6. Technology (Information & Communication Technology, Agriculture & Food Technology, Bio Resource Technology, Designing (Construction/ Mechanical/ Electrical & Electronic) Technology) 
  7. Management (Management and Organization Methods, Human Resource Management, Planning and Management )
  8. Commerce (Business Studies, Business Statistics, Marketing, Entrepreneurship Education) 
  9. Accountancy (Accounting, Financial Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, Management Accountancy )
  10. Auditing & Finance (Government Financial Regulations and Accounts, Auditing )
  11. Finance (Government Financial Regulations, Financial Systems, Banking Systems )
  12. Economics (Economics )
  13. Administration (Establishment Code, Office Systems, Office Management )
  14. Social Science (Political Science, Civic Education, Communication & Media Studies) 
  15. Geography (Geography, History )
  16. Aesthetics (Art, Kandyan Dancing, Southern Dancing, Sabaragamu Dancing, Bharata Dancing, Eastern Music, Western Music, Carnatic Music, Drama & Theatre (Sinhala/ Tamil/ English) 
  17. Law (Law )
  18. General Knowledge & Comprehension (General Knowledge, Comprehension, General Knowledge and World Affairs(various fileds) 
  19. Aptitude (Intelligence Tests, Attitude Tests, Aptitude Tests for respective professions) 
  20. Shorthand (Shorthand (Sinhala/ Tamil/ English), Electronic Type Writing )
  21. Brail (Brail Translation (Sinhala/ Tamil/ English) 
  22. Translation (Relevant subject & Medium )
  23. Other field Other Subjects (Mention Subjects and subject fields in your application in English)
In case you are competent in any other subject and subject field apart from the subject fields you have mastered mention those subject fields as well in the application.  


 Online Application

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