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Friday, February 22, 2019

Online Permit Issuing System - Department of Coast Conservation & Coastal Resource Management

Department of coast Conservation & coastal Resource management has launched a system to provide permits on development activities in coastal areas.

Click Below for permit Request Portal
Online Permit System

Permits will be given for below activities
  • Building(floor area less than 2000 ft)
  • Building / Construction(floor area between 2001 ft to 10000 ft)
  • Building(floor area higher than 10001 ft)
  • Maritime Structure
    • Construction of coastal river protection structure
    • Removing the wrecks including sunken ships, vessels
  • Sand(River/Sea) Extraction & filling
    • Mining or dredging of mineral sand
    • Reclamation of the land between 151 to 300 Sq. ft
    • Reclamation of the land less than 150 Sq. ft
    • Reclamation of the land more than 300 Sq. ft
    • Removal of Sand less than 4 cubes
    • Removal of Sand more than 4 cubes
    • Removal of sea shells within the coastal zone
  • Infrastructure Development
    • Construction of a bridge
    • Construction of a culvert
    • Construction of a causway
    • Construction of Wire Fence / Boundary Walls / Hoarding
    • Construction of Structures for fish breeding and Aquaculture
    • Erection of Telecommunication Antenna Tower

Special Permit
  • Land Clearance
  • Certificate of Conformity for Construction
  • Beach Usage for Special Event