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Friday, March 30, 2018

Before Selecting AL Stream - For O/L Passed Students.

My dear students of 2017 O/L. You have done your O/L successfully with  various results. Most of you, have already selected your AL stream and started your journey. Do not keep going your AL journey as the way  you spent your O/L.

AL is totally different and you have to work hard and also you have to have a sound knowledge on your stream. Please Update yourself regarding your stream. What are fields you can enter with your stream, the faculties in university for you and the Z score.

Here is the way to get clear idea about it. Please refer University Entrance guide  books which releases by UGC every academic year.

We have added 2017/2018 here. Do not stop with this, refer the next year book too.
wish you all the best

University Admission Handbook 2017/2018

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