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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Essay Competition (Students and Public)

National Essay Competition has been organized by the Sustainable Development Unit of the Presidential Secretariat in partnership with lake House Newspapers. Entries are accepted in Sinhala, Tamil and English and are divided into two categories.

Sinhala | Tamil | English

19 Years and below 
  • Topic : "My Vision for My Tomorrow" (Below 1200 Words)

Above 19 Years

  • Topic  : "The Way to a Sustainable Future by Accomplishing national Requirements" (Below 1500 Words)

  1. School students are expected to get their work certified by the school principal. Other entrants are expected to certify their work themselves as prrof of not committing plagiarism or collusion
  2. Use single sides of pages only
  3. One entrant is only allowed to submit one piece of work

19 Years and Below
  1. 50 000
  2. 25 000
  3. 10 000

Above 19 Years 
  1. 100 000
  2. 50 000
  3. 25 000

Closing Date 25.11.2018

Send to
Sustainable Development National Essay Competition
Chief Editor "Daily News"
DR Wijewardana Mawatha
Lake House
Colombo 10