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Admission : University of Vocational Technology

Admission : University of Vocational Technology

Applications Are invited from NVQ Stream and GCE A/L 2018 Students for following Degree Programs.

For AL 2018 Students (Weekday programmes Only)

Engineering Technology
  1. B.Tech in Mechatronics Technology 
  2. B.Tech in Building Services Technology
  3. B.Tech in manufacturing Technology
  4. B.Tech in Construction Technology and Resource Management
Bio System Technology/ Biological Science
  1. B Tech in Food Process Technology
Any Stream with ICT Subject
  1. B Tech in Software Technology
  2. B Tech in Multimedia & Web technology
  3. B Tech in Network Technology

Commerce/Engineering Tech/Physical Science
  1. B Tech in Industrial Management Technology
S Pass For AL English or C pass for General English
  1. B.Ed in English Language Teaching
Any AL Stream with Communication & Media Studies as a Subject
  1. B Tech in Media Arts Production Technology

One Applicant Should Sent one Application
Closing Date 25.01.2019   08.02.2019

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