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National Honours Award Ceremony - 2019

This awards to honour and felicitate the distinguished personalities who have rendered outstanding and invaluable services to the motherland. These national honours will accolade the reputable Sri Lankans for their for their contribution to lift up the pride of the nation and as well as to preserve its esteem and to recognise their dedication towards the progress of the motherland.

Awards are
  1. Deshamanya
  2. Deshabandhu
  3. Vidya Jyothi
  4. Kala Keerthi
  5. Lanka Shikamanee
  6. Vidya Nidhi
  7. Kalashoori
  8. Sri Lankathilaka
  9. Veeraprathapa
  10. Sri Lanka Rathna
  11. Sri Lanka Ranjana

Click Below for the Winners List with Details

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