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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Amendment on Establishment Code (No Pay Leave for study abroad )

Revision of Section 16, Chapter XII of the Establishments Code

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided at its meeting held on 28.08.2018 to revise sub section 16:2 and 16:2:1 as follows and include the new sub sections from 16:2:2 to 16:2:4.

16:2 No pay leave for study abroad can be granted to a Public Officer on the recommendation of the Head of the Department to study a substantive course at a recognised institute.

16:2:1 Extending the probation period of an officer who is on probation, from a period equal to the period of study leave abroad.

16:2:2 Granting leave with no pay to the spouse subject to sub sections 16:1:9 and 16:1:10 in case where the spouse of the officer, who is studying abroad is also serving in the Public Service.

16:2:3 An officer who obtains study leave under this should complete a period which is determined by the Head of the Department out of the compulsory period of service prescribed under sub section 16:15 within the same department from which the recommendation for leave is made. However, this condition should not be made applicable to reject a request made for releasing such officer to another service in the Public Service.

16:2:4 All the other conditions stipulated in Section 16 in respect of granting no pay leave for study abroad shall also be applied when granting leave under sub section 16:2.

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