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Circular on schools collecting funds cancelled (26/2018)

The circular issued regarding schools collecting funds for development has been canceled, according to the Ministry of Education.

Ministry stated that this decision has been taken as per the orders of the Minister of Education, Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, due to the possibility of corrupt practices.

Accordingly, the Circular on Planning and Procurement for School-Based Quality, Quantitative and Structural Development (26/2018), issued on 22nd June 2018 with the signature of the former Secretary for Education Ministry, has been cancelled.

Accordingly, the 26/2018 circular has been revoked from today onwards and in its place, the circular 5/2015 issued on the Informal Collection of money in Schools has been issued.

-ada derana-

Cancelled Circular(26/2018)
Sinhala / Tamil / English

Active Circular (5/2015)
Sinhala / Tamil / English

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