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Human Resource Management online system for Teachers (NEMIS)

Human Resource Management online system for Teachers (NEMIS)

Ministry of education works online database management system for teachers as well as students under NEMIS (National Education Management Information System).

A Circular Released for teachers regarding the use of Online System for Teachers.

  • should check the system once a month and if any updates he / she should submit the documents to file clerk as soon for update
  • Username and password should be taken from respective Coordinator belongs to your zone (Given at the bottom) to check the data of teachers available on this system.
Click Below for Circular 2019/30 (Teachers must read and aware about this)

Click Below to login to your Online System
Online System

Click Below for Coordinators List 
Coordinators List 

Contact the coordinator and get the username and password, then you can change your password during initial login.


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