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Online Application : Pharmacist (External) Exam

Online Application : Pharmacist (External) Exam

The Paharmacist External exam for pharmacist apprentices who have comleted two year apprenticeship will be held on 23, November, 2019. Only apprentices who have completed two years of apprenticeship by 20, October, 2019 are eligible to apply. Those who do not acheive a satisfactory standard acceptable to the Ceylon Medical College Council at the written examnation will not be called for the practical and viva voce examinations.

Application should be sent only via the website.

Closing Date 20.10.2019 24.10.2019

Click Below for Online Application
Online Application

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External Pharmacist
External, Pharmacist, Exam, Guruwaraya, Teacher,External, Pharmacist, Exam, Guruwaraya, Teacher


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