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Things To Consider During School Annual Activities - 2024

Things To Consider During School Annual Activities - 2024

Education Ministry has pointed out some important points to be considered during School Annual Activates in 2024.

Important points to be considered
  1. The programs contained herein may change from time to time depending on the circumstances. In case of such instance, it will be notified later.
  2. The use of Sunday morning should be avoided in implementation of the programs planned for the year 2024.
  3. If there is any change in the dates of the above programs due to any reason, the school activities branch of the Ministry of Education should be informed.
  4. Matches conducted by school sports associations should be conducted only on days excluding dates mentioned in the school calendar.
For the special attention of principals
  1. In this term sheet, the responsible persons should record the progress of completing their tasks in the relevant column and get the signatures of the invigilators visiting the school and confirm the same.
  2. As education activities in schools should be given the priority in the third term, the school's annual prize giving ceremony, various days (eg -commerce, science, etc.), annual educational trips/field trips etc. in the first and second terms only.
  3. Each and Every principal should ensure that children are presented for divisional and zonal competitions for All language and other competitions (Sinhala, English, Tamil, Social Science, Art, Dance, Music, Drama and Performing Arts .... ) are conducted at the school level on scheduled days.
  4. The evaluation marks of the school term tests should be arranged to release to the students before the school term vacation.
  5. An annual internal stock verification must be carried out by employing it he own staff. 
  6. According to the circular 2014/31 and the guideline of "How good is our school", Internal evaluations should be carried out in every school throughout the year.
  7. All teachers who are qualified to apply for the "Guru Pratibha Prabha" Annual Teacher and Principal Appreciation Festival, should be informed in respect of such.
  8. All the teachers should be informed to update the teacher's report book introduced from year 2015 by the Ministry of Education.
Sinhala , Tamil Details are attached Below





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