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Monday, April 2, 2018

Financial Support for Business Start-ups for graduates

Calling for application for setting up of business start-ups and organizations incubating / supporting business starts-ups.

The national budget 2018 provides an opportunity for graduates to build their own business through the Erambuma Credit Scheme on non-collateral basis to commercialize and accelerate growth during the year 2018. A maximum of RS 1.5 million will be given per innovative business idea for a period of 7 years.

The above loan will be provided on the merit of a business plan and a viable business idea.
EDB is calling for registration of companies / institutes/ individuals in the following two categories.

  1. Incuberators / accelerators of start - ups affiliated to universities, institutions or companies.
  2. Founders of start ups which are currently not affiliated to any incubator/accelerator.

To register and to be considered under this special loan scheme, please colelct data sheet from the Export Services Division, Level 8 EDB or register online at the provided web link 

0112 30 38 62