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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Degree Opportunities Open University

Degree Opportunities in Open University

Degree Courses

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences
  2. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences
  3. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  4. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  5. Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

The BA in Social Sciences is a 3 year study programme starting at Level 3. Each year is divided into two semesters. During each semester you can offer courses worth a maximum of 18 credits. To complete the programme you need to have a total of 108 credits. Each year you will offer a combination of compulsory and elective courses. In addition, you will have to offer what are known as 'Continuing Education' (CE) courses. You can select up to 9 credits of CE courses each year. Some of the CE courses, such as English, are compulsory.

This 3 year multi-disciplinary degree offered in the English medium offers you the opportunity to obtain a multi-disciplinary social science training while also selecting a stream in which you can obtain a special orientation. Students who register for the programme can choose from the following 4 streams:
    1. Economics and Development Studies
    2. Communication Studies
    3. Politics and International Relations
    4. Society and Culture Studies
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 Social Science Degree Information

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences

The program's primary expectation is to create individuals who are professionally competent; who are able to develop and establish procedures for collecting, processing and analyzing biological specimens for laboratory investigations; who possess a commitment to life-long learning; who exhibit a sense of commitment to the ethical and humane aspects of patient care; who appreciate the need for research to develop knowledge of health, disease, healthcare management and education and who are able to recognize the role of the clinical laboratory scientist in the assurance of quality health care.

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Medical Laboratory Science Degree Information

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Upon successful completion of the B.Pharm degree programme, a graduate will be able to:
  • acquire an understanding of the theoretical and applied knowledge of the direction and administration of the pharmaceutical services and drug procurement
  • acquire knowledge and skills in drug regulation and control, formulation and quality control of pharmaceutical products, inspection and assessment of drug manufacturing facilities and assurance of product quality throughout the distribution chain
  • use appropriate communication skills in the provision of drug information
  • practice effective teaching and research skills
  • participate in national and institutional formulary committees
  • acquire necessary skills to train other healthcare workers
  • work as clinical pharmacists
  • understand the value and ethics of society and the profession
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Pharmacy Degree Information

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

This programme prepares a nurse to provide quality care in every aspect of the nursing practice with advanced knowledge and skills. The aims of this programme are: to provide advanced skills in holistic client-centered nursing care, leadership, teaching, research and management; to increase the understanding of the health care system of Sri Lanka; to create sensitivity to national and global nursing issues; to encourage active participation in shaping policies affecting the health care system of Sri Lanka; to increase overall work satisfaction; and to provide the necessary preparation for post-graduate studies.

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Nursing Degree Information

Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology

This programme is structured for individuals interested in understanding the discipline of Psychology and its many subfields using the open, distance and flexible platform facilitated by the OUSL.

The main objective of the programme is to provide students with comprehensive knowledge in the main theoretical domains of Psychology and practical skills applicable to the Sri Lankan context. The courses are designed to enable students to use a range of research skills and methods while adhering to ethical standards of the discipline while carrying out independent research projects. We also aim to facilitate the learners to develop critical analysis of practical, theoretical and ethical issues in Psychology, as they prepare for further learning or gaining practical experiences in the field under supervision.

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