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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Care Giving Training Programme NVQ-3 - SLBFE

Care Giving Training Programme NVQ-3

·         Ability to read, write & understand the mother language
·         Ability to working English language
·         Minimum height should be 4 ft.& 6 inches
·         Should posses good personality & be in good health

             Age Limit:
Between 18 to 55 years

             Course Duration:
    45 Days Residential Programme

             Course fee:

Course fee Rs.
NBT 2%  Rs.
VAT 11% Rs.
Total fee  Rs.
            Documents Needed:

  • Valid Passport
  • National Identity Card
  • GCC Medical Report ( If over 45 years of age)
  • Candidates migrating through a Local agency, instead of the passport, he/she should produce
    • Agency certified copy of the passport.
    • Agency certified letter, bearing the migrant’s photograph & his or her details.

  Course Contents:
·         Basic principals & concepts of care giving
·         NVQ Units
o   Assess the client
o   Prepare the care plan
o   Carryout self – preparation activities
o   Maintain Personal hygiene and appearance of the client
o   Handle client’s movements
o   Carryout Housekeeping activities
o   Maintain the relationship with the client
o   Administer Medication
o   Maintain nutrient of the client
o   Provide special care
o   Promote client’s comfort
o   Ensure safe and healthy environment
·         Caring of Elders
·         Caring of Patients
·         Caring of people with special needs.
·         Language Skills (Hebrew & English) and communicating skills.
·         Knowledge on NCDs & CDs mediation
·         House Keeping
·         Food Preparation
·         Handling of Domestic Appliances
·         First Aid
·         Personal Health and Cleanliness
·         Safety awareness and Techniques
·         Practical at Elderly care giving centre (5 days)
·         Adjustment to foreign Culture & Social Environment
·         Remittance Transferring and Family  Economy
·         Travel Procedures

·         Safe Migration Awareness

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