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WnOP Re Register

WnOP Re Register

Re-registration of W & OP 
  1. First go to below link and check weather your W & OP card is available in Online
        (Enter your NIC and use Block Capital Letter for V or X)

Check W & OP Card Online

If your W & OP is  Available Online you  NO NEED to Re-register.
If your card NOT AVAILABLE in Online you HAVE TO re register.

Click Below link for Re - Register (Before re register read well the Instructions on below links)
  • for re register you need a W & OP number. If you have not got a W & OP number please meet your file clerk.
  • you need your Spouse Details including  Birth certificate no, and Marriage certificate no and details of Children.

Instructions to Re  Register


Closing Date Extended to 31st of July

 For inquiries - 011-5920403 / 0112320049.


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