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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Invitation for Teachers from Ministry of Education

The ministry of Education invites all the teachers who wish to take part with professional pride in a unique mission of preparing a skillful human resource for the nation.
join the teaching staff of the Vishvoda National School which is to be opened soon in close proximity to Kurunagala city.

If You Are a teacher
  • With more than 05 Years service
  • Below 50 Years of Age
  • Skills related to extra curricular activities and co curricular activities in addition to the skill in teaching the relevant subjects
  • Willing to render service even after school
Closing Date 11.01.2019

Subjects - Grade 6
  1. Sinhala / Tamil
  2. Maths (Bilingual)
  3. Science (Bilingual)
  4. Religion
  5. Second Language (Sinhala/Tamil)
  6. English
  7. Civics (Bilingual)
  8. Arts/Music (Bilingual)
  9. Geography (Bilingual)
  10. Business Studies and Accounting
  11. History
  12. Foreign Language (Japanese/Chinese/jerman/Italy/hindhi/French/Korean
  13. PTS
  14. HPE (Bilingual)
  15. IT
Subjects (AL)
  1. ARTS Stream
  2. Commerce Stream
  3. Biological Science Stream
  4. Physical Science Stream
  5. Engineering technology
  6. Bio System technology

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Sinhala /English / Tamil

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Sinhala / English / Tamil