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Monday, February 4, 2019

Official language Exam for Government Servants (Written & Oral)

The exam will take place twice a year. Applications received till January 31 should face the Exam in March. Applications received till July 31st  should sit the exam in September each year.

in 2019

Language Proficiency Examination-2019
Oral Examination
It has been planned to enroll applicants (Only Who apply till 10/02/2019) for the Oral Examination which will be held in March 2019

Written Examination
Closing date for applications will be extended up to 05/02/2019 due to Website failure

Two types of exams. Consist written and Oral. If a person who has qualified second language in G.C.E.O/L should not need to sit for written exam. They can apply for oral exam directly. Each government servant should qualified the level he / she belongs to.

Before Applying this exam PLEASE refer below circulars.

Circular 1 

Sinhala Tamil

Circular 11 

Sinhala Tamil

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Written Exam  : Sinhala / Tamil / English

Oral Exam       : Sinhala / Tamil / English

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