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Information on Sri Lanka Administrative Service : SLAS

The Service Minute of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service shall come into operation with effect from 01st July, 2012 substituting the Minute of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service dated 28th October, 2005 published in the Gazette Extraordinary No.1419/3 of 14th November, 2005 of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and the amendments thereto from time to time.

here we have listed the service minute and amendment made to the Service minute of SLAS. The First Gazette Notification is important and others are amendments of  first one. (if you have an idea for SLAS you have to refer these gazette notifications)

Gazette No. 1842/2 dated 23rd December 2013 
Sinhala / Tamil / English

1st Amendment No 1923/47 dated 16th July 2015
Sinhala / Tamil / English

2nd  Amendment No. 1979/33 dated 11th August 2016, 
Sinhala / Tamil / English

3rd  Amendment No. 2086/22 dated 30th August 2018 
Sinhala / Tamil / English

4th  Amendment No. 2095/9 dated 30th October 2018 
Sinhala / Tamil / English

5th Amendment on Nov 02, 2018 No 2095/48
 Sinhala Tamil English

6th Amendment on Aug 19,2019 No  2137/5
Sinhala / Tamil / English

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