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Friday, July 12, 2019

Notice to All Pharmacist : Ceylon Medical College Council

Special notice has been released for all pharmacists and Apprentice Pharmacist that the Sri Lanka Student Pharmacy published by the Department of Pharmacology, faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo in 2018 can be purchased from the CMCC Office at Block D of the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo.

The SLSF is priced 500 LKR per copy. It would be advisable for all pharmacists and apprentice pharmacist to have a copy of this book, as it has all the essential details of the most commonly prescribed drugs in State Hospitals in Sri Lanka.

All apprentice pharmacists are strongly advised  to buy a copy and be conversant with the information, provided by the SLSF, which includes Practice Points and Patient advice in addition to the details pertinent to a Formulary.

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