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Friday, December 13, 2019

Scholarship Details for December

Herewe have listed the scholorship opportunities which can be applied for december and the closing dates are in December. These are various study programmes. Please let the relevant persons aware about these and encourage them to apply.

Click The links below

  1. Undergraduate Scholorship - Maldives Closing 20.12.2019
  2. EDCS Scholraship - Grade V CLosing Date 10.02.2020
  3. EDCS Scholarship -  University  Closing Date 28.02.2020
  4. Indian Scholorship - Undergaduate  Closing 16.12.2019
  5. Indian Scholorship - Postgraduate Closing 16.12.2019
  6. Scholorship for the children of Estate Workers - Closing Date 27.12.2019