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Monday, February 17, 2020

University Vacancies

Here we have listed the vacancies available from government Universities. Click the links at bottom for full details.

Lecturer Faculty of Medicine
Deans office, Department of Microbiology, Parasitology, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine, Pathology, Medicinde, Psychiatry, Community medicinde,

Lecturer Facutly of Technology
Department of Construction Technology, Electro Technology, Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology

Lecturer Faculty of Agriculture & Plantation Management
Department of Bio System Engineering,

Project Manager
Instructor in Physical Education

Closing Date 10.03.2020

Closing Date 13.03.2020

Closing Date 16.03.2020
Engineering(Civil, QS, Electrical, Mechanical), Project Management, English, IT, Toursim and Hospitality Management

Closing Date 02.03.2020

Closing Date 01.03.2020

Closing Date 10.03.2020
Department of Community Medicinde, International Business, Finance, EDucation Psychology, Humanities Education, Social Science Education, Science and Technology Education, Private & Comparative law, Public and International Law, Commercial Law, Department of physical EDucation,

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