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Before selecting your AL Subjects ... (for OL 2019 Students )

Hi Students. You have done your O/L and got the results too. Now the time to select AL Subject Streams.
Please Note that you all, even without passing O/L, You can do your AL in 13 Years Guaranteed Education Programme. Here we have given the ways you have got and read well and select the Stream and Subjects according to your ambition.
  1. Biological Science
  2. Physical Science
  3. Arts
  4. Commerce
  5. Technical
  6. 13 years guaranteed Education Programme 
First Read Below circular well. It describe the subject combination according to the courses available in universities


 Sinhala / Tamil / English 

(we have only Sinhala version)

University Courses Stream Wise
Bio Science
Physical Science
Technical Streams
Common Courses

University Handbook 2019 A/L

And Click below for more details you need to know

13 years guaranteed Education Programme

Sinhala Tamil English

AL New Syllabus Videos (Sinhala) 


Higher Studies Opportunities for Agri/Bio Tech Students

Resource Books - NIE

Learning Materials for Students