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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mahapola Scholarship Trust Fund Online Application - Deadline Extended

In order to expedite the Scholarship registration process from 2016/2017 academic year Scholarship registration introduces on line registration used the Mahapola Web site. 

Deadline of submitting the on line registration form has been extended. Accordingly on line registration can be submitted until reopening the universities for academic activities. Further the hard copy of the registration form ( Same on line form) will be delivered to the selected students soon after re opening of the universities. 

Then after filling of the registration form hand over to the welfare division of the universities for scholarship registration. 

Please note that all the selected students for the Mahapola Scholarships are receiving monthly installments. Don’t be afraid those who are not submitted the on line form correctly are also receiving Mahapola Scholarship.

Please contact 011-2685011 and 071-9900014 any further information.


Online Registration

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